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All business owners are aware of the power of the Internet these days.

The first thing your prospects will do when you are recommended to them is to look at your website. However, what happens when that website is out of date, either because it is very hard to update, or as in most cases because it is simply not possible to update it. How many customers do you lose because of an out of date legal website?

If you have an out of date website, or you do not even have a website, you know that this has to be changed very quickly.

Your website designer should offer flexible design options focused on your needs and requirements.


Lead Generation


A website can only generate fresh leads if it can be found on the top page of Google for its main target keywords. We have expertise in finding the best keywords that your website is capable of achieving first page positioning. FirstwebsiteDesign monitors the developing authority of your website and advises on the keywords that are coming into reach.


Your website should demonstrate your expertise including regular news updates in your field. This is best done with regular blog posting. We can offer guidance on undertaking this work or FirstWebsiteDesign can do this for you.


Google updates its positioning algorithm frequently. Your web designer should provide you with information on Google updates and explains how this affects required changes to your website.

Good Website Content


  1. Begin with a great heading.

Your headline is always the most essential set of words you compose when promoting your website, services and products.

That’s because whilst 8 from 10 people will read your headline, just 2 out of 10 individuals will check out the rest. And that means if the heading fails to captivate, the rest of your message is lost.

So don’t just choose the first idea that pops into your mind. Your heading is worthy of even more attention than that. Brainstorm concepts and take the time had to ensure you choose the best opening. It will make the difference between a success and a flop.


  1. Use High Quality Images

Pictures convey information quickly. You can use images that include links to other pages on your website. Consider a ‘slider’ – a few rotating images on your homepage that give examples of the services or products you offer.


  1. Comment on topical events.

People want to know your views on current topics in your field of interest and Google gives credit to websites that provide such quality information. Watch the news and perhaps arrange to receive Google alerts on your field of expertise.

A blog will provide the facility for an on-going set of news items with comments.


  1. Ask your audience to do something. You must provide a ‘Call to Action’.

Examples include – call now to discuss your requirements – complete the form for the following free information.


  1. Demonstrate your professionalism.

If you provide expert services and you have accreditation from a professional body, it’s worth including in your website.

Testimonials can likewise work well for attaining this.


  1. Answer these two pressing questions.

Potential consumers need to know two things and you need to answer these quickly and effectively:-

  1. What’s In It For Me (WIIFM?).
  2. Why should I pick you over everybody else?

The answer will typically be found in your Unique Selling Point.

And whilst tempting, do not make the mistake of making your advert everything about cost.

You see, if cost is the only thing you can contend on beware, someone can (and will) constantly undercut you. Rather concentrate on the aspect of your business that just you offer, then craft a message that draws in customers based on that.


  1. Focus on benefits NOT functions.

An typical mistake is to concentrate on features instead of benefits in your advertising.

For instance:-

  1. If you make black-out blinds you’re selling a good night sleep.
  2. If you offer website critiques you’re selling the chance to draw in more customers and make more sales.


  1. It’s about YOU not me – its about your visitor.

Instead of “we do this” and “we offer you that”, appeal straight to your consumer and utilize the word YOU.


  1. Get your words right!

The words you choose to provide your sales message are crucial. In fact they can make the difference in between a client inquiry and the recycle bin. Use simple words and not complicated ones. A webpage is not a long essay. Break your words into short paragraphs and use bullet points.

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