Website Creation Checklist

Website Creation Checklist

Website Checklist – Example Website for a Financial Adviser


On-page elements

Your target search phrases should show up in the:

  1. Page Title tag
  2. H1 tags
  3. Meta-Description
  4. Body of the text – aim to include your primary search phrases in the very first 150 words. Steer clear of keyword stuffing yet put in synonyms and related keywords. Generally, web pages with less than 300 words are challenging to rank. There is discussion on the best size. Your page ought to give a great response to a search. The size of the page will certainly depend on the amount of information needed.
  5. Alt tags.

See for more details.

Provide unique attention to the Page Title tag. Google indexes the initial 70 characters including spaces. The home page of a site has the best opportunity of being ranked on the search engines so the most effort ought to be put into that page.



  1. Compose great web content. Excellent quality content is king.
  2. Navigation around the menus must make it easy for site visitors to get around the website.
  3. Schema markup. This is crucial for NAP – name, address and contact phone number.
  4. Inner site search.
  5. Exterior links, especially if they include your target keywords in the support text, have a favourable impact on ranking.
  6. Position on search engines significantly depends on customer signals such as time spent on a web page and also on the website. Videos are recommended as they enable the site visitor to be given information without effort. Videos tend to enhance the amount of time a user spends on a site.
  7. Google analytics is a complimentary program that gives essential feedback information consisting of number of visitors daily and also the pages being looked at. This data can help you when you update your internet site.
  8. Social share switches.
  9. Your website must be backed up frequently at intervals depending on how often the website is upgraded.
  10. Safety and security: hacking is on the rise. Crooks attempt to get to your site either to take it over entirely or to include links to their sites to enhance their earnings.

WordPress Internet Sites

  1. Akismet – this is an anti-spam plugin: it decreases spam remarks.
  2. Permalinks needs to be set to ‘Post name’. WordPress will certainly include the Web Page Title in the file name. As an example, if the title of a web page is Conversion Rate Optimization, the resulting URL will be
  3. Wordfence is a great safety and security plugin that has Anti-virus, Firewall software and also Malware Check facilities. You could set the number of login efforts that can be made.
  4. There are lots of plugins that increase the speed of your website. Jetpack has a component which speeds up photo downloads.
Excellent Techniques
  1. Responsive websites – the material adapts to fit the display dimensions from huge screens to smaller mobile phones.
  2. Images can make a web page more attractive. Huge images however could slow page download speeds. A balance is called for.
  3. Page speed – try to prevent slow download speeds. The section above the fold should download and install in under 3 seconds.
Using the Checklist for a Financial Adviser’s Website

The goal of a website is to bring in new site visitors who might end up becoming clients. The website must be attractive to look at as well as simple to navigate and a good website designer in Loughton can help to achieve your goal and promote your website.

If you consider the home page of a website for a firm of financial advisers in Wanstead that provide advice on savings, mortgages, investments and financial planning, the keyword ‘financial adviser’ should appear in the Web Page Title tag, the H1 tag and the meta-description. It should also appear a couple of times in the body of the text. Online search engines can’t see photos: Alt tags describe the nature of the picture. Your target key phrase should therefore be included in a few image alt texts. is the result of a partnership between Google, Bing, Yandex and also Yahoo! to help you supply the data that internet search engines need to recognize your material and offer the very best search results at the present time. Including Schema markup in your HTML improves the way your page is shown in the SERPs. The markup for financial advisers should show the company’s name, that they are financial advisers as well as showing the business address and telephone number. The telephone area code gives further verification of the area.

A short video on the home page supplying useful information could enhance the amount of time a user spends on the web page and this will raise rankings for the website. A specialist such as a financial adviser could use a videographer with appropriate proficiency.

As well as marketing your product or service online, you might want to consider using a company that distributes leaflets in a local area. A flyer delivery company in North London can design and print leaflets about your business for distribution in a small area and this can help to secure new business also.