Ways to Write A Meta Description That Leads To Click-Throughs

Ways to Write A Meta Description That Leads To Click-Throughs

Writer Neil Patel discusses how meta descriptions fit into SEO and helpful suggestions for enhancing them.

Google has actually held that meta descriptions do not influence search engine ranks. From a 2007 article on the Google Webmaster Central Blog site:

It’s worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can enhance click-through, they won’t impact your ranking within search results pages.

Google restated this factor once more in 2009 in an article stating that the meta keywords tag was not utilized as a signal for ranking:

Although we in some cases use the description meta tag for the snippets we show, we still don’t make use of the description meta tag in our rank.

Thus, individuals have actually ignored meta descriptions, putting them on the back burner or handing over their development to a trainee. When written, meta descriptions are hardly offered a look or additional reflection.

Meta descriptions don’t get good publicity because good descriptions will not help the rankings of your site.

Or maybe they will?

Enhanced Meta Descriptions Are Very Important For SEO

Meta descriptions can be very important for Search Engine Optimization and if you can see that meta descriptions do influence search ranking, you may be motivated to write far better meta descriptions.

The partnership between the meta description and online search engine ranks can be explained in four steps:

  1. The content within the meta description does not feature in the search ranking algorithm.
  2. User actions are factored right into the search algorithm.
  3. Particularly, click-through rate (CTR) belongs to the algorithmic ranking procedure.
  4. The meta description is the most crucial aspect for improving click-through rate from search engine results pages.


  1. The material in a meta description does not influence the search algorithm.

As far as we understand according to Google, their search engine ranking formula does rule out meta descriptions as a factor. Thus, from a rigorous algorithmic point of view, you wouldn’t need to put your highly important key words in the meta description.

  1. User actions are factored into the search algorithm.

There are many factors in an algorithm associated with ranking a website. It’s easy to fail to remember that Google analyzes individual habits on a website as part of their recurring ranking procedure.

Yet it does. As seen in Google Analytics, Google is proactively assessing individual habits– also demographic details– and taking that into account in search results.

On its broadest level: search results based on location are a user-dependent statistic. A user in South Carolina who inputs “weather” into Google is going to get a very different result to a user in Alaska, even if they are not logged in to a Google account.

This is fundamental.

Yet the formula is much more advanced than that. It doesn’t only factor in location, it assesses individual behaviour in the ranking of a particular site.

  1. In particular, click-through rate (CTR) is part of the algorithmic ranking procedure.

Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz wrote an article in 2012 that remains quite pertinent. His aim in the short article was to say that Google uses two customer metrics in its search ranking.

The 2 metrics are: (1) search engine results page (SERP) click-through rate and also (2) dwell time. He described it as:

The initial measurement he thinks Google makes use of is direct Click-Through Rate (CTR) from the SERPs themselves. Whether or not a result obtains clicks is among Google’s and also Bing’s first ideas regarding whether any given result suits a query. Google and Bing both have this information and they directly report on it.

Definitely, both Google and also Bing seem to utilize this metric, since both information factors are available in their reporting systems.


Meyers summed it up flawlessly: “Relevant results drive more clicks”.

This is a key factor which proves the last point:

  1. The meta description is one of the most important parts for enhancing click-through rate from search results web pages.

Google thinks about customer actions, particularly the click-through rate. So, exactly how can CTRs be boosted on SERP entries?

By creating fantastic meta descriptions.

And also the more people who click on the SERP entries, the better ranked the site will be on Google.

Consider a typical SERP. Other than Understanding Graph information as well as abundant snippets, there are three main points in a SERP entry: the web page title, the page URL, and also the web page description.


All 3 of these will influence a user’s decision to click through. Of the three, the meta description takes up a lot of space – a full 2 lines. It has the most information and hence gets checked out for longer.

It follows that a good meta description in fact does enhance click-through, and hence website ranking. So this does make the meta description an SEO element .

A meta description for a firm of lawyers in London could include phrases like divorce and family law, conveyancing, wills and probate or employment law.

But it is just one of those vague SEO factors because of its indirect influence. Moreover, boosting meta descriptions doesn’t need Search Engine Optimization finesse, just creative writing skill, so how do you create a meta description that will obtain click-throughs?

Advanced Pointers For Creating Fantastic Meta Descriptions

So, how do you create an amazing click-through-convincing meta description?

Be Descriptive and Expressive. The words in the meta description need to tell the customer what the page is to do with. Typically, draft out the web page’s material. If the customer is clicking on it, they want to see that the page really has to do with what they are interested in.

A company delivering leaflets via door to door distribution may put emphasis on phrases like innovative direct marketing services or leaflet marketing campaign.

Be Persuasive. Fantastic meta descriptions include being persuasive. To obtain clicks, go on and pull a little. Some Search Engine Optimization professionals support using a call-to-action in the description but if not, you can still produce a meta description that welcomes a reaction, even if it doesn’t directly require it.

Inspire Interest. Among the most influential points you can do with your meta description is to stimulate interest. This is especially true for information enquiries (instead of transaction queries). When a user finishes reading the description, they must wonder about exactly what the page will certainly say about the subject. You should give just enough information to describe just what the web page has to do with yet not a lot that damages the interest aspect.

An optician who might specialize in the treatment or diagnosis of dyslexia may have a meta description including key phrases like dyslexia tests, learning disabilities, reading and comprehension or visual problems.

Use The Correct Words. The key phrases might not be important for online search engine, but they are important for customers. In order to want to click, the individual has to view pertinent words. These words need to be linked with the original query. The appropriate words in the appropriate areas make the distinction between a SERP entry that gets neglected and a SERP entry that gets clicked on.

Make Sure They Are The Correct Length. If you create a meta description that is very long, Google will certainly shorten it. The conventional approved length is 156 characters long. This is different to page titles, meta description cut-offs do not appear to be pixel-based like page titles are.

Refrain From Using Quotation Marks. Google will certainly take them away.


Ultimately, meta descriptions are still a valuable feature and should be used in overall SEO initiatives. You shouldn’t disregard them– your meta description is one thing that stands between a search engine result and also a site visitor.

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