Telephone call handling and design changes for business

Page1ongoogleThe design appeal of the new Samsung S6 mobile telephone has been reduced as the mobile telephone’s market has shrunk. This has been shown by strong Q4 2014 Apple sales figures and means a fall in demand for the new Samsung designs according to mobile telephone expert Ewan Spence. His latest article on claims that the slick new designs that centre around the S6 side bar are less likely to impact on callers because many people have switched away from Android to Apple. This shows how constant innovation and improvements to customer experience by increasing functionality and consistent brand value can ensure market growth for customer centric customers.

Ewan Spence says of the telephone market:

As traditional western markets become saturated with smartphone users, any churn of users to a rival manufacturer on an alternative platform is a heavy blow. They are not easily replaced and while there is huge scope for growth in new markets (especially in the BRIC territories) the different competitive environments mean lower margins and lower average handset costs, all of which will have an impact on the bottom line.

Apple is already doing particularly well in these territories by capturing the high-value high-margin customers, leaving less valuable customers to be fought over by the remaining manufacturers. With Samsung needing to tap into these customers to generate strong sales and financial returns for the Galaxy S6 family, Apple’s strong iPhone sales have not only handed Apple one of the greatest quarters of any business, it has removed a significant chunk of the addressable market that its rivals would have hoped to target during 2015.

Whichever telephone you answer, mobile or landline, and no matter how many apps you have, when it comes to business it’s more about answering telephone calls than what you answer on. Mobile phones allow independent professionals and small business owners to answer calls on the move, but they can’t answer when they’re with a customer or a client.

Call Answering Service LondonLocal British based call answering services are a great way to solve the problem of providing a personalised service for the telephone when you’re on the move or engaged with doing business. A reputable British telephone call answering service can add value to a brand and improve customer satisfaction levels by getting through to a real person rather than a mobile answerphone.

A UK based call handling service is particularly helpful for people such as medical professionals including physiotherapists, psychiatrists, life coaches and service providers that spend a lot of time in one-on-one sessions with clients. A Hertfordshire life coach will be unable to answer calls when in a session, similarly, a hypnotherapist will not be able to have a phone ring when hypnotising a client. For that reason, a good, qualified life coach in Hertfordshire will have their phone managed and calls answered when they are in session.

For a London private psychiatrist, the situation is much the same. When working with a patient, they cannot be disturbed; it is vital for a psychiatry patient to be listened to and for the psychiatrist to pay close attention to find out where issues lie and what needs to be done to help the patient. Call answering services are vital to private psychiatrists.

Many new clients find their life coach and psychiatrists through online Google searches. More and more Internet searches are done via mobile phone internet searches. Apple allows you to call directly from a Google listing where a telephone number is available. A good marketing agency for small business will help clients improve their Local SEO performance on Google and other search engines. A new Google update in April 2015 will benefit websites optimised for mobile search and improve rankings for local search. This is due to the success of mobile telephones shifting online search from computers to mobile phones and tablets. Click here for more information about improving your website for mobile and local Google search or here for how to reach Google’s first page.

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