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SEO Legal related Keywords – Internet Business Promoter

SEO software Internet-business-promoterIn this article we are going to consider optimising a webpage for legally related keywords with particular reference to using the SEO software program Internet Business Promoter.

Optimisation Tools

Internet Business Promoter is a set of programs designed to assist website owners to achieve top positioning on a preferred search engine for target keywords.  Whilst it provides a vast quantity of information, we must ask how helpful this information is for SEO. In this review we will take a look at some of its plus and minus points.

When the author began to work at SEO, the IBP report on his websitess shed light on the main factors involved in positioning on Google. It provided guidance on how to improve content and coding elements of webpages such as the Page title so that they would be more likely to achieve top page positioning on search engine results pages.

Experience with use of IBP for numberous targeted keywords, however, showed that it failed to deliver top page positioning.

As a positive, IBP looks at backlinks but on the negative side the information provided is inadequate.

It recommends back-linking particularly between related webpages. Domain authority building with incoming links is crucial for better rankings.  So let us consider five website and consider if they should link reciprocally.

Will writing in Plymouth is provided by and and in London will find the best solicitors in London for whichever branch of law is appropriate for your requirements. When reciprocal linking was effective, the link partners could even take advantage of requesting required anchor text in the links. One might request Plymouth Wills and another family lawyers North London. will-writing-plymouthOne could widen the field of related websites to include, for example office cleaning services London as they increasingly work for London solicitors. Internet Business Promoter provides the software to monitor that all concerned are complying. The bad news is that reciprocal linking – even six-way is against the Google guidelines and is therefore a waste of time. Internet Business Promoter still recommends this practice although it is outdated and likely to have a negative impact on your SEO.

If you are planning to promote your business, one of the best ways is to meet your local SME colleagues at business to business networking meetings. The author regularly meets other web professionals at SmartNetEssex business networking in West Essex. We discuss interesting subjects that are business or social. One web designer is working on a website for dyslexics and we discussed coloured tinted glasses dyslexia treatment. This is an area that my wife, who is an optometrist, has a special interest. She prescribes the specific colour required by the client and can have them fitted in designer glasses such as Prada Glasses frames. As an SEO consultant London area based, meeting with small business owners on a relaxed basis has been invaluable in growing my business.

Another website designer has produced a highly attractive website for loft conversions experts and we monitor the progress of the site in terms of ranking on Google and business development.


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