Websites for Professionals
Websites for Professionals

The website of a professional, whether they are doctors, dentists, accountants or solicitors, should be optimised to bring in targeted visitors by judicious use of SEO.


Keyword Research Tools – Suggestion and Keyword Difficulty .

Keyword research is the first SEO step to increasing new targeted visitors to a website. The objective is to find the best keywords that are being searched and where the website has a reasonable chance of top page positioning on Google.

Keyword research tools can be considered as suggestion tools that enlarge the list of potential keywords and keyword difficulty tools that determine if a web page on a website can achieve top page positioning on Google.

Top page positioning on Google for a keyword depends on relevance and reputation.

Most keyword difficulty tools have looked at on-page factors (relevance) such as inclusion of keywords in page titles, header tags and body text. Their analyses show conflicting results because they are based more on confounding factors than the main factors being used by the search engines. For example, they may show that the word ‘red’ should be found twice in the page title when targeting ‘red jackets’ but only once for ‘red sports jackets’.

Reputation, in Google’s eyes, is a combination of the reputation of the web page and the website. These are indicated by the PageRank of the page and the PageRank of the HomePage. Keyword difficulty, as it relates to reputation can be calculated as the averaged total of the PageRanks of the pages on the top page of Google and their HomePage PageRanks. The effective PageRanks of HomePages that are competing for a keyword are boosted to a minimum of 4.5.

Keyword SEO Pro is the best keyword difficulty tool because it concentrates on the potential Total Page Reputation of a Web page and it calculates the averaged Total Page Reputations of the web pages on then top Google results page.


Google Keyword Coordinator v Google AdWords Keyword Device
In August 2013, Google totally changed the AdWords Keyword Tool with the Keyword Planner. The Keyword Tool was among the most popular keyword study devices: it offered keyword pointers and regular monthly search volumes. The device was readily available without charge and without register requirement although there was a little much easier to make use of for those who had an Adwords account. The device was offered by Google to help those who would make use of Google’s cash making Adwords. Unavoidably, the device was made use of for those trying to find excellent keywords for Adsense and natural SEO functions.

Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner

There are distinctions in between the brand-new and the old device. The Google Keyword Planner needs an Adwords account although there is no commitment to utilize it for an Adwords project. The brand-new device just returns “specific” match search volumes which much better mirrors real search volumes than the “broad” volume outcomes offered with the Keyword device. The Keyword organizer enables nation, language and search volume filters. The Keyword concepts tab returns the precise month-to-month search volumes of the keywords you send for analysis. The regular monthly search volumes are balanced over a year and are not rep of the last month.

Internet site Promotion for professionals

Web marketing
Online advertising is a type of promo that makes use of the Web and Web to provide marketing messages to attract customers.
Online marketing is a kind of promotion that utilizes the Internet and World Wide Web to offer advertising messages to draw in customers.
Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling items, however selling is simply a small portion of advertising. The American Marketing Association points out advertising as “the job, set of organizations, and processes for producing, communicating, offering, and exchanging offerings that have worth for customers, consumers, partners, and culture at significant.”.
Marketing can be looked at as a business feature and a set of treatments for producing, providing and connecting resale value to customers, and handling customer relationships in techniques that benefit the company and its investors. Advertising is the science of selecting target markets with market analysis and market segmentation, along with comprehending customer buying habits and providing premium customer resale value.


Keyword Difficulty and Best Keyword Difficulty Tool.

Keyword difficulty is the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for target keywords. Around 90 % of Internet searches globally are performed by Google. Positioning on Google depends on relevance and authority. Google indicates authority by PageRank. The authority of a webpage is its PageRank and the authority of a website is best indicated by the associated HomePage PageRank. There is also a boost in PageRank to a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a keyword

The Total WebPage Authority of a webpage = PR + HPR + BPR.

where PR is the PageRank of the Page.
HPR is the HomePage PageRank.
BPR is the boost applied to the effective PageRank of a HomePage that is competing for a keyword to a minimum of 4.5.

Keyword SEO Pro is the best keyword difficulty tool because it uniquely calculates Keyword Difficulty by finding the average Total WebPage Authorities of the webpages on the top page of Google for each of a list of keywords.


So let us look at a set of relevant keywords with the Keyword Planner and Keyword SEO Pro – arguably the best suggestion tool and keyword difficulty tool available.

close up magician, dentist, dentist London, dentist Finchley, employment law solicitor london, employment solicitors London, suspended doctors, designer glasses, Ray-Ban glasses, Ray-Ban prescription glasses, coloured tinted lenses dyslexia, car detailing Essex, best keyword tool, seo training.


The following shows a section of the Planner results:

Keyword Planner

And here is the Keyword SEO Pro output:


It is possible to combine the search volumes from the Keyword Planner with the CPR (Averaged Total Page Reputation) from Keyword SEO Pro.

Thus ‘Ray-Ban glasses’ has 14,800 searches per month but it is a red zone keyword (CPR = 8.7) which is out of range for most SEM professional websites.

Ray-Ban prescription glasses has a keyword difficulty of just 4.4 but 2,900 searches per month so it is an attractive keyword with good search volumes and in range for an optician’s SME website with a little SEO.

Coloured tinted lenses dyslexia has a moderate keyword difficulty at 7.6 but it has less than 10 searches per month – not an attractive keyword.

About 50 searches each month are performed for ‘dentist Finchley‘ and the keyword difficulty is in the green zone at 5.9 which is a lot easier than ‘dentist London‘ which has a keyword difficulty of 7.4 but more searches at 1,300 per month.

suspended doctors are likely to need a doctor’s support group and a legal adviser. The legal profession tend to have highly optimised websites and competition is fierce. Employment solicitors London has 590 searches in the average month with a keyword difficulty of 7.1 and employment law solicitor London has a search volume of 30 per month but a similar keyword difficulty at 7.2.

There are 480 searches each month for a close up magician and the keyword difficulty is moderate with a CPR of 6.7 compared to 90 searches monthly for ‘car detailing Essex‘  which has a low CPR of 4.6.

SME professionals with a website should have some SEO training whether they do it themselves or have an SEO consultant to do it for them  There re 1,300 searches for SEO training each month and the keyword difficulty is high at 8.1 presumably because it is a keyword optimised by SEO trainers for their own websites.


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