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Keyword ToolA keyword tool is a program that allows the user to identify keywords that people using online search engines will type in to find a product, service or company that they are trying to find on the Internet.

These days, the Internet provides stronger marketing techniques for companies looking to better target relevant customers, particularly by using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Keyword tool programs are used as part of the process by which businesses push their website to the top of search engine lists. 90% of internet searches are run through Google, a company that has risen to occupy a huge market share over the last ten years. It is powered by the Google algorithm and this determines where websites are ranked for each search.

Keyword Tool page1ongoogleFeaturing on page one on Google depends on how it ranks your website in terms of relevance and authority on the search people type in. This is why it is so important for website managers to understand what their potential customers are likely to type into the search box when they want to be found.

There are hundreds of programs that help websites achieve the best possible position on Google. Many of these are keyword tool programmes that check the number of searches for specific words or phrases such as kitchen showrooms or Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. Keyword SEO Pro is the best keyword difficulty tool, uniquely calculating the keyword difficulty of selected words and phrases by finding the average ‘Total WebPage Authority’ of webpages at the top page of Google for each of a list of keywords.

keyword-researchThe authority of a webpage is its PageRank with the authority of a website best indicated by its HomePage PageRank. Websites also receive a boost in PageRank upto a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a specific keyword.

If small businesses are spending money on SEO and are based in a specific location, they can compete for localised searches far more cost effectively. For example, adding the local area to a search would mean competing businesses in other areas are less likely to feature at the top of a search. Someone looking to try yoga and living in Walthamstow for example is more likely to search for ‘guided meditation North East London’ rather than just typing in ‘Yoga’.

Narrowing the search field to a specific type of company or service would also provide a narrower results field and the search is therefore more likely to yield a better result for the person using Google. Searching for a health employment law solicitor is far more specific than simply searching for a solicitor. Similarly ‘leaflet distributor London’ would be a far more specific search than ‘advertising options in London’. This is why using a keyword tool is so important to website success.


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