Google Algorithm and Link Value

The Value of Links in Google’s Algorithm? Two Schools of Thought

This hot subject was the subject of a recent Whiteboard Friday over at Moz, where Rand Fishkin took a look at the value of links in Google’s algorithms and provided some guidance to assist marketers navigate their method through these unsure SEO times. Rand highlighted a recent post over at WordStream, where a variety of professionals had been asked to add to an idea experiment around what any changes may mean; Rand in his presentation he summarized the two schools of believed on the future of connecting.
Some take the view that, as Google filters out the impact that some links have then the value of those remaining links will likely have even higher value. On the other hand, there are those who say that as more elements are introduced into the search positions system and possibly given greater prominence, linking will become a smaller part of the formula and will therefore be of diminishing impact.
Secondly, lots of (clever) web designers are revealing a reluctance to link to websites that could one day turn “bad,” incorporated with the proliferation of “no-follow” links and you can see that there lots of elements driving modification, whatever Google may be thinking about. Rand’s take is that links will continue to be a vital part of the system for much of the next decade, although assuming a reducing impact as we progress. A broker wishes to be found on the top page of Google for the keyword –  conveyancing solicitors London. Inclusion of the keyword in the Page Title of his competing pages and once or twice in the body text is crucial but without adequate total page authority, top page positionong will be elusive.


Total Page Authority for keywords can be determined manually but Keyword SEO Pro is a great keyword difficulty tool that undertakes the analyses for us. Total Page Authority is a combination of Domain Authority and Page Authority. In the above analysis we can see that both conveyancing solicitors London and divorce solicitors Enfield are keywords in the blue zone although divorce solicitors Enfield is easier to rank for. They are both in the blue zone indicating that link power building as well as good on-page optimisation would be required for top page positioning on Google.
PageRank had been the very best indicator of inbound link value to a website within the Google index. Although Google continues to utilize PageRank at the core of its placing algorithm, updates to the public stopped in December 2013. Analyses for the average Total Page Reputations of the websites on the leading page of Google for a list of 10,000 keywords showed remarkable stability in between December 2010 and August 2014. This would suggest that the significance of links did not alter throughout this duration of 4 years.

From a concept in WordStream

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