Dyslexia Testing in Family Law Supported Children Helps Employment Success

Dyslexia testing and employment specialist lawyerThere are many views about how to design education and employment for Dyslexics. Dyslexia is a learning handicap that can impact children greatly during their school years and affect their working career as adults, particularly in the work environment. The thing is, unlike in youth where dyslexia has a great adverse effect; in their adult years, the result can differ from good to negative. Employment laws are in place to protect dyslexics from discrimination or bullying in the workplace, but many will avoid admitting that they suffer from the problem when applying for work due to fear of being overlooked, despite protection.

Doctor Robin L Peterson said in an interview earlier today that it is vital to provide early diagnosis of dyslexia in children in order to provide the best treatment and limit the effects of dyslexia. He said:

Children with dyslexia must be diagnosed early and given treatment as soon as possible, say experts. The current state of dyslexia research and treatment are discussed by Robin L. Peterson, Ph.D., and Bruce F. Pennington, Ph.D., of the University of Denver, in a seminar article in the Lancet.

Much progress has been made on the behavioral, neuropsychological, and neurobiological aspects of dyslexia and its causes. This shows that dyslexia “is characterized by dysfunction of the normal left hemisphere language network.” Rather than essentially being a problem of visual word recognition, it is now mostly believed that dyslexia involves problems processing sounds when reading.

Since the previous Lancet review on dyslexia in 2004, “the main advance has been the identification of six candidate genes and studies of their role in brain development,” say the experts. Four of these genes appear to control brain development in the foetus, they add.

But “like all behaviourally defined disorders, the cause of dyslexia is multifactorial and is associated with multiple genes and environmental risk factors,” write the authors. Despite the efforts so far, “much work remains to be done to fully understand the causes of dyslexia and to improve the lives of children who struggle to learn to read,” they add.

“Professionals should not wait until children are formally diagnosed with dyslexia or experience repeated failures before implementation of reading treatment, because remediation is less effective than early intervention,” said the authors.

child dyslexia test LoughtonIn terms of treatment, “the best interventions provide intensive, explicit instruction in phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle and phonics, word analysis, reading fluency, and reading comprehension,” says the team.

It seems to be easier to treat accuracy problems than fluency problems, they report, “perhaps in part because fluency is so dependent on reading experience, which varies dramatically by reading level.”

And there is evidence that fluency problems can be prevented by intervention in kindergarten and first grade. “An important conclusion is that professionals should not wait until children are formally diagnosed with dyslexia or experience repeated failures before implementing reading treatment,” they write.

Dyslexia can often become apparent when children are suffering from stress, either at school or at home. If a divorce is on-going or the children are suffering in other areas of their life, it may exacerbate the problem. A Family Lawyers in Barnet might be able to notice this when looking at the best interests of a child in a divorce settlement

http://smartnetessex.co.uk/Even if dyslexia is diagnosed in adulthood, there are plenty of effective treatments to alleviate the effects of dyslexia. A specialist employment lawyer will be able to advice on ensuring dyslexics are not suffering discrimination in the workplace or suffering from unfair expectations. Specialist employment solicitors in London and throughout the UK will also be able to help with employment contracts and other important areas of ensuring no discrimination occurs.

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