Divorce Lawyers Design for Debt crisis about costs and promotion

Divorce Lawyer LondonDivorce is having a greater effect on people’s design for life in London and a new report about the financial implications of divorce show that marriage breakdowns are contributing to the national debt crisis. Businesses need to design contingency plans about staff that are less efficient when going through divorce. People also need time off to talk to their divorce lawyers and family law solicitors, often needing to do so in working hours.

The intriguing news about Divorce in the UK has shown that divorce levels in the UK has contributed to the national debt crisis and this has a knock-on effect on region of London, including Hendon, Moorgate and Epping where many divorce lawyers and specialist family law solicitors are situated.

High divorce rate in recent years in the UK is a main contributing reason for ever higherfamily law specialist lawyer london levels of debt within the London area and is contributing to the national debt crisis according to a new report. The average cost of divorce in the UK now stands at a cool £13000. This does not take into account the divorce settlement, only costs relating to the divorce process and legal fees paid to divorce lawyers and family law solicitors.

The report by Debt Free Direct claims that the breakdown of marriage is a serious factor in the financial problems facing those within the London and South East area. Many divorcees are forced to take out debt consolidation measures after completion of their divorce process. The costs may be higher in affluent areas of London such as Hendon, Chelsea, Moorgate or Maida Vale than in less wealthy areas such as Chingford, Walthamstow and South London.

The debt advisory team have noted that divorcees are far more likely to be declared bankrupt and that women are running the highest risk, they are fourteen per cent more likely to face financial ruin and are 26% less likely to meet the criteria for an individual voluntary arrangement, a measure taken to prevent bankruptcy. Many of these options need to be discussed with a divorce lawyer and where children are involved, a family law solicitor as well.

Heavy debts that are incurred by an ex partner are a major cause of financial problems, even after a divorce. Findings show that excessive debts run up by a former partner are an underlying factor in almost three in ten bankruptcies in the United Kingdom, and often higher inside the London M25 zone.

divorce lawyer marketing specialistA good divorce solicitor in the London region can be found by recommendations from friends, advertising or through a Google Search. A reputable specialist divorce solicitor in Hendon would most likely have a shop front in the local area and be found on the first page of Google when searching with ‘Hendon’ included in the search bar. This makes getting to the first page on Google and online marketing harder for web promotion than in many other business fields.

Many divorce lawyers attend business networking groups in order to advertise themselves through business recommendation clubs such as BNI and Smart Networking. Many of the best business networking organisations are active in and around the London suburban periphery. You can find business networking groups in Epping, Richmond, Pinner and Elstree amongst others.
Specialists in web promotion for divorce and family law solicitors are less likely to receive online ratings and reviews that Google can pick up. People are less likely to write testimonials on websites that may show up that they have been through a divorce. This is something they may want to keep private from friends, colleagues and potential employers.

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