Detective agency London

Detective Agency London

sherlock1Detective Agencies have seen a massive growth in demand over recent years as people have become less trusting of partners at home and in business. Recent scandals such as the phone tapping by News of the World have highlighted the ability for people’s actions to be traced and held to account.

Detective agencies have been around for many centuries, from government interrogations and information gathering projects such as the Doomsday Book in the time of William the Conqueror right the way through to modern police practices today. There are many private investigators operating worldwide. Perhaps the most famous detective is Sherlock Holmes, a legend time honoured from the original books through to silver screen films through to many television series.

Detective agency LondonFor a detective agency London is most notable as the home for MI5 and MI6, Sherlock Holmes’ author, Edinburgh born Authur Conan Doyle actually started a medical practice in Plymouth. With his medical, forensic and legal training, Plymouth will remain an important destination on the list of any Sherlock fans. They might even look to the legal firms there and get Plymouth wills written.

What does a London Detective Agency Do?

A Detective agency London based firm might investigate banking details, travel arrangements, previous criminal convictions or try to prove infidelity, criminal activity or fraud. They are more likely to work using the internet to find out classified information and check leads by spying from telephone boxes or roof extensions high above London.

Online searches might use a domain authoritiy such as WhoIs to check the credentials of a website. Agencies might also advertise their services online through Google and other search engines. Getting to the first page of Google requires many practices that are inherent to detectives.

onlineinvesting-binDetectives require many traits and skills that enable them to investigate and discover information often hidden from the general public. They rely on logical thought, creative thinking, understanding body language and thought processes, the ability to blend into a crowd and good eyesight. Medical conditions such as memory loss, learning difficulties and Irlens syndrome might compromise their abilities. They often work in disguise, although stereotypical ideas of long rain coats and ray-ban prescription sunglasses accessorised by a newspaper and umbrella might not bear resemblance to today’s detectives. So if you’re looking for a Detective agency London might still be the best place to start.

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