Design sees marketing pay gap drop

genderpayAn important indicator of the health of the design sector came out today with the publication of the Marketing Week annual Salary survey. According to London based UK industry magazine Marketing Week, there has been a reduction in average pay between men and women in marketing employment during the last year.

Men still get paid an average 21% more than women, this is a difference of £8,416 per year. In further bad news for the marketing sector, the average salary for male marketers across all levels has fallen to £47,569, a massive 15% reduction on the 2014 salary. The average pay for women remains flat at £39,153.

The research suggests that there is set to be more movement in the marketing industry in 2015 as the economy recovery continues, with pay consistently cited as a primary reason for people to begin searching for new jobs. This means that marketing pay is predicted to increase as companies look to retain staff.

The Marketing Week Annual Salary Survey also shows that 60 per cent of marketers in employment believe staffing levels at their company will increase in 2015, while 37 % noted a rise last year.

This ties in with a separate study by recruitment firm EMR that suggests 44 % of marketers anticipate a rise in numbers thanks to improved profitability at their business.Another study by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters predicts that marketing salaries could increase by up to 20 % this year as a result of a more buoyant job market.

MarketingWeek_134826Considering the average salary for a marketing director or head of marketing remained relatively static at £70,215, according to Marketing Week’s study, this would be a considerable jump. Some marketers have decided to go solo and start their own new marketing agency specialising in website management, creative writing, advertising, through the line campaigns or their marketing area of choice.

These findings are more in line with recruiter Reed’s analysis of the market, which suggests that the average marketing director salary is down £7,550 to £75,802.

Marketing covers a wide range of work from client-side marketing positions through to marketing agencies. These often include specialists in web design , SEO, online marketing and social media as well traditional graphic design, copywriting and advertising disciplines.

Marketing disciplines such as web design are still traditionally seen as male dominated, with men outnumbering women web designers throughout London and the UK. Web design is also a line of work that people can do from home, meaning it should be something people can integrate with running a family and additional work. With commuter areas such as Essex and Hertfordshire seeing more people turning away from working in London, a rise in women working in web design in Essex is to be expected over the coming years.

Gender pay is an issue that is increasingly under the spotlight for all firms in the marketing and online marketing sector. Should female employees find a case where they are discriminated against, they may seek legal advice and look to an employment tribunal. They could search for a prominent employment law solicitor in London to advise whether they have a case and are due compensation.


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