Designing Leaflets

Leaflets are a kind of open letter or postcard, developed to be given out to people, either by hand, by post, inserted in regional newspapers for distribution, left in places, stores, restaurants, cafes, libraries … ANYWHERE where they will catch an individual’s eye.

Why produce a leaflet?

A leaflet provides you a possibility to put across your argument and to draw attention to your organization, cause or event. A leaflet likewise gives you the space to provide your concepts plainly and with graphical effect. Additionally as people can take your leaflet home with them, it implies they have even more time to take in to your message and to keep a visual suggestion of it. Indeed, as soon as dispersed, the leaflet may wind up being read by a lot more individuals that the person it was handed to, broadening its impact still further.

Creating a leaflet – the fundamentals

Leaflets are for providing useful, recyclable info. The size and shape of the leaflet is a significant factor in its success. A leaflet that individuals cannot fit quickly into a pocket or a bag will be discarded. Take a notepad from your printer. It needs to be A4. Now fold it in half, that’s called A5, now fold it in half again, that’s exactly what A6 appears like. Leaflets are generally developed from a single sheet of paper, folded in half (to A5) or in three (to A6). A lot of leaflets start life as sheets of A4 paper – your design should also start there. Leaflets might seem suitable for audiences who do not check out much or well. Nevertheless, well-written material will always make it possible for individuals to make even more informed judgments rapidly. Don’t stuff it with text. People won’t read it. Rather aim for clarity, strong argument and quality.

Designing a leaflet – step by step

When developing a leaflet, you are expressing yourself not only with words however likewise with photos and graphics. How you present these images and graphics will certainly also add to the means readers perceive their significance. There are 4 clear jobs in the design of a leaflet.

1. Choose exactly what you want to state

You have to be clear in mind about the point you wish to make. Though you have lots of space in a leaflet you still want it to be clear and persuasive. If the leaflet is being produced by a group, you ought to discuss this overall idea together.

2. Text editing

Somebody has to write the text or pick little bits of other people’s text that are specifically efficient and put these together to make up the text for your leaflet. Bear in mind, your text must be

a) Persuasive,.
b) Interesting to check out,.
and c) Catchy and remarkable. Format your text to make it punchy. Use short paragraphs and mark them with headings. Use bullet-pointed lists which are easy to read. You can take out single lines and highlight them in a various font size or color to make a strength.

A professional leaflet delivery company such as will invariably provide advise on how to make a leaflet persuasive.

3. Image design.

Flyer and leaflet ditribution
Make certain your photos help to obtain your message throughout. Frequently you may choose to make use of a) Pictures from main sources such as NGOs, b) Pictures that you drew or developed yourself, c) Pictures taken with a digital camera, d) Pictures downloaded from the internet, or e) Powerful graphics such as graphs. Make certain you have consent to reuse these photos for your leaflet, however.

4. Layout design.
The layout of your leaflet needs to be considered very carefully. Work out with the rest of the group what text and pictures you will certainly have. Utilizing a piece of plain paper sketch out: * Where obstructs of text will go * Where headings will go.

6. PCs and printing.

You will certainly have to type and design your leaflet on a computer. For keying and formatting text, you will need a word processing program such as MS Word. Later on versions of this program will certainly likewise manage basic graphics. More experienced computer users could choose to make use of specialist graphics programs such as Quarkxpress or Adobe Photoshop for the design procedure. If you do not have a computer system yourself, or do not have a good friend or coworker who will certainly lend you theirs, moving towards your public library where you can get internet gain access to and a COMPUTER to make use of free of cost. Though it is possible to print off your leaflets on a computer, it will certainly be a long and tiresome procedure. Additionally your computer’s printer may not manage graphics and colors well.

Your best choice will constantly be to offer the task to an expert. Any small printer will print, cut and fold your leaflets and might even assist you with design. There will be a charge for this service so get a couple of quotes from various printers. Remember too that a quotation is just that. See if you can get these costs lowered if you provide your own art work, order a smaller sized (or bigger print run) or lower the weight of the paper you are printing on. They might even offer you a discount if they agree with your cause.

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