Business Marketing Consultant

Business Marketing ConsultantA business marketing consultant works with companies to help them achieve their marketing objectives. They are of most use to companies that are struggling to meet sales objectives, are launching new products and services or small businesses that cannot afford to employ a dedicated marketing manager.

There are many titles that a business marketing consultant might use. A self-employed marketing agent, freelance marketing manager, business development consultant, marketer and business management specialist are some of the titles that the role can be called.

mark01The services provided by a business marketing consultant can range from marketing research of company competitors, target customers, products and business locations. They often create marketing plans for the business to implement but they often manage the progress of the plan if the client doesn’t have the expertise or time to do it themselves.

Often they will utilise a pool of supplier companies that work in the local area and have local knowledge and resources that the consultant can pass on to their clients. They might need flyer distribution London-wide or computer support Harlow based company if they cover the East London and Essex area of the commuter belt population.  If they

Companies that are likely to take on the services of a business marketing consultant are regional or locally focussed companies. A dentist in Finchley might try to find a consultant that works with several businesses in the local area and therefore has a wealth of knowledge about the local economy. They would be able to provide more reliable market knowledge without needing as much time to research potential customers. They might also recommend other companies that can help to improve customer service, such as an a company that offers office cleaning in London to spruce up a showroom or retail outlet.

National_Theatre_3Companies targeting a wider or nationwide customer base such as an online sales company specialising in a specific product such as men’s designer glasses might take on the services of an online marketing consultant. They would have specialist skills such as helping get the website to the first page of Google for specific keywords. An online business marketing consultant might outsource domain authority and small business web design services to a specialist agent or hosting company.


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